The Exhilaration Effect~
Building the Courage to
Take Your Leap of Faith

Would you like more joy, more money, more peace, more time?

What could your life be like tomorrow... if you took your Leap of Faith today?

  What are you waiting for?

Learn to Take that Leap &

Our book project "THE EXHILARATION EFFECT: Building the Courage to Take Your Leap of Faith" was
selected as one of the top 25 books (out of 3,000) in the Next Top Spiritual Author 2010 competition.

Now you can experience The Exhilaration Effect through our DailyOm ecourse!

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new 8-week self-paced 

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Learn how to take Leaps of Faith in any area of your life with support from us!  
Find out how to move through the 6 Stages of Leaps of Faith with ease and grace.  
Stretch your comfort zone with Adventurous Events and build courage by making
inner shifts with guided meditations and inspiring Exhilarations!  Go at your own pace.  
Get training and more for the price of a book!

Get started today at:

Do you have good ideas about how to improve your life...
yet you continue to procrastinate?

Could you use support and guidance in taking the next step?

Taking a Leap of Faith to fulfill your goals and dreams is
easier when you have encouragement and support.

Let us help you overcome hesitation and procrastination.
Create clarity and consistency to help your dreams and plans soar.

Camille Leon and Barbara Schiffman, C.Ht., are ready to help you with
  • Phone coaching & MasterMind groups
  • Experiential life-breakthrough activities
  • Group events & retreats
  • Customized individual or group programs

Call Camille at 310-490-6862 or Barbara at 818-415-3479
to start a conversation about
your needs and goals.

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Camille & Barbara are available for speaking engagements and media interviews.

Contact us at: or call Camille at 310-490-6862 or Barbara at 818-415-3479.

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    Now available in print and e-book from Shift Awareness Books or Amazon!

    Check out our chapter on THE EXHILARATION EFFECT and
    taking Leaps of Faith to Shift Your Whole Life in the anthology 
    ~ 2012: Creating Your Own Shift! 
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